Text entry boxes on iPad jumping around

Aug 21, 2014

Hi there,

When I publish my course and test on Scorm Cloud, everything works fine except the text entry boxes.

Then I select the box I want to type in, the cursor jumps to another text box.

Can anyone help me solve this issue?


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Nick Gidman

Hello, I am still having this issue using SL2 u11 on iOS 10.2.1. I think I have narrowed it down to when the TEBs are below where the keyboard pops up. I have attached a test file for you. It has 4 layouts of TEBs, the only one i cannot replicate on is second page, top left. Is there any solution to this?

Crystal Horn

Hey there Nick!  Thanks for allowing us to test out your .story file.  I published it and tested on my iPad running 10.2, and a colleague ran it on her iPhone running 10.2.1.  Both of us saw that the cursor stayed where we expected, allowing us to complete each text entry field.  You can check out my screencast here.

For the text entry fields that were below keyboard level, I hid the keyboard, tapped that field, and the slide sort of adjusted so that the keyboard would not cover the field.  This issue has been elusive for us in the past.  If you would like to work closely with our support engineers so that they can get some specifics from you and do some broader testing of your file, you can hook up with them here.  We'll see if we can't figure out why that's happening on your end.

Nick Gidman

Thanks for your help. I have messaged the support team with a video of the issue and the story file.


I think the reason you are not getting the issue is beacuse you close the keyboard each time you have finished typing. If you try leaving it open and pressing to go into the one above, you may see it happen.