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Apr 13, 2015

I have a course where I have 2 separate activities where users will use a text entry box and then that information carries over to the next layer. I was able to get the first one to work fine; but now that I'm on my second activity on a new slide it won't pull the information over into the layer. Is there a trick to using this more than once on a course? The first time I used %Textentry% to get it to carry over but it's not working on the second one. Thanks!

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Simon Blair

Hi Jessica,

Have a look at the triggers for the second activity. It's probably defaulting to TextEntry2 or something similar.

Assuming you want to keep for entered values, that's just fine. Just make sure to use %TextEntry% to reference the first and %TextEntry2% (or whatever it is) for the second.

Without knowing the more details of the symptoms, it's difficult to know what the cause is, but here are the two most likely issues I can think of:

  1. The variable name you're using to display the results of the second text entry isn't the same as the name they were stored in. This would result in blank display for the second text entry.
  2. Both text entry activities are using the same variable. This would result in the second text entry overwriting the contents of the first.


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