Apr 07, 2020


I am having a really hard time figuring out text entry fields. I need both slides attached to have them and then they advance to the next slide. 

When I was recording the 1st slide it keeps breaking down every keystroke in the "Try Me" mode, so the interaction on this is weird. I deleted the other slides b/c I just need 1 and they need to just enter the word and move on. 

The 2nd slide has more what I want but I don't understand how to fill out the question form?

I really think these are simple text entry slides--nothing fancy but I'm pulling my hair out. Can anyone help please?


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Kathleen,

Happy to help here! 

I reviewed your file and made a few changes to help with the snags you were running into. I am attaching a revised version of your file so you can review these changes. 

1st Slide: For this slide, it wasn't allowing me to apply an acceptable answer for the Text Entry field. So I removed the Freeform interaction and then reapplied it and selected Text Entry.  After doing this, I was able to enter in Flooding as an acceptable answer.

2nd Slide: You are on the right track here! I just wanted to note a few things when including an answer in form view: 

  • With Text-Entry questions and using Form View, you can define acceptable answers and type the answers in the answer grid. If the answers are case-sensitive, mark the Answers are case sensitive box above the grid:
  • Then you will want to specify how the question will be submitted. 

For more details on working with Text-Entry questions, feel free to check out this guide: Storyline 360: Text-Entry Questions

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