text entry field - show on a summary slide

In my project, I ask from the user to enter his answers in free text on several Text Entry fields.

I like to show his answers on a summary slide just as he wrote it.

BUT, not as a review of test when I get a snapshot of the whole slide ( as a test) and only the FIELD itself.

Is this possible?

if so, how can this be done?

Thanks for your help

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Itzik,

Not sure I'm understanding your question, but figured I'd give it a shot.

What I'm "hearing" is that you want to create a summary slide that contains all the responses that Learners gave in text entries throughout the course. That is, you want all those entries automatically pullsed onto a summary slide.

The story I'm uploading only has 2 slides: one slide has 3 questions the Learner must answer in text entry boxes. The other slide is a Summary slide I created, and all it has on it is a reference to the text entries from slide 1. But of course you could do the same thing from text entries throughout a Project.

If you already know all this, apologies, but do write back and let us know.

So, if you click the black X in the triggers panel and open it, you'll see that I've named the 3 text entries:  TextEntryName, TextEntryLive, and TextEntryHowLong (when I inserted them originally, Storyline named them TextEntry, TextEntry1, TextEntry2).

As you know, these refer to the the boxes the Learner uses to answer the questions on the slides.

On the Summary Slide, I inserted 3 text boxes, and in each text box I referenced one of the text entries. So for example,

  1. I inserted a text box.
  2. I clicked inside the text box (only to be sure the insertion point was there).
  3. From the Insert menu, on the Text group, I selected Reference.
  4. When the Reference dialog box opened, I clicked "TextEntryName" and then "OK."

I repeated this with 2 more text boxes: one for each of the other Text Entries.

Now, when the Learner fills in the information on the first slide, it's automatically inserted onto the Summary slide.

Again, if you've "been there, done that" and were looking for something else, please let the community know.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Itzik,

I've uploaded a revised version which should work (at least it did for me just now)! It looked like the wrong references were placed on the summary slide. You'll see the difference if you compare yours and this one. I'm not sure what the extra references were for, so I didn't delete them.

I didn't go to Hebrew school (we lived out in the country and had no transportation), but I tried to learn a bit when our children went to Hebrew school many years ago. At that time I was able to follow along - but I've forgotten it all :(

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Itzik,

Oh - interesting. It worked here after I'd changed the references. Glad you got it sorted.

No, sadly, they do not. They learned enough so they could read from the Torah and were Bar and Bat Mitzvahed.

But if it gets me any points, my cousin Mindy speaks Hebrew . She goes to Israel regularly (stayed on a kibbutz for a college semester a gazillion years ago).

Shalom! (about the extent of my Hebrew now along with a couple other hit and miss phrases).