Text Entry fields not working in Safari

As fairly straightforward as that, I have created a digital workbook for my company that includes about 200 text entry fields. I have a process using PDFmake, Javascript, and HTML that takes all of those text fields and puts them into an easily readable PDF at the end of the course so users can see all the questions alongside their answers. 

I have published it as a SCORM 1.2 file, and uploaded it onto my team's LMS. It works fine in all browsers except for Safari, where users have reported that they were unable to fill in the text entry boxes. I have made sure that all my text entry fields are 'on top' for organization so they wouldn't be hidden behind anything.

All of the additional tools do support Safari, but they aren't even the issues. How can I help make sure that Safari users are able to access and type in the default storyline text fields?

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