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Jan 29, 2014

Hi Folks

I have put a Text Entry Interaction into an assessment... eg:  "The cat sat on the _____".

Learner is to type in the last word.

However when testing - and I click to entry the text - the original sentence disappears - so the student cannot see the question anymore.

So - how do I get the sentence to remain displaying?


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Dennis Hall

Hi Colleen:

This is normal for at Text Entry field.

You can place the text outside the field and have the field only occupy the area the text should be entered, or format the text entry field to have a transparent background, then make sure the left margin of the field is large enough to pad the user entry to the far right end.

Another simple solution is to make a rectangle around your sentence to look like a text entry field, then have the actual text entry field be completely transparent in front of the right end of the rectangle.

In the end, it`s all going to be "smoke and mirrors".

Hope these ideas help.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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