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Dec 19, 2012


I have a text entry interaction activity with one only text entry field. At the end of this activity when reviewing the results there is a feedback check mark of cross with the correct answer displayed below the text entry field. Is there any way of 1) edition this review text. 2) deleting the text and only keeping the check-mark or the cross; or 3) deleting everything. There is a image attach to explain.

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David Marquez

Hi Cristine, thanks for the reply.

The video definitely is useful but does not cover the very specific issue that I'm dealing with. The issue is for Text Entry Interaction quiz screen specifically. Once the user is reviewing his or her answer a automatic Check-mark or Cross appears before the correct answer just below where the text entry box is positioned in the screen. I will like to know if this automatic review Check-mark or Cross can be deleted or edited (Meaning placing it in a different position in the screen for example).

The image attach explains a section of the screen that I see once reviewing the Text Entry Interaction quiz.

Manny Cunanan

Hi David,

I can identify with the green check mark(s) that appear when Reviewing quizzes that contain text entry fields.  Depending on how many possible correct answers the quiz allows, those check mark(s) seem to always appear immediately below the text entry field.  Having said that, one strategy worth attempting is to utilize both Correct and Incorrect layers and cover it up.

The idea is to place an image over the approximate area where you anticipate the check marks will appear i.e. screen shot segment of the slide.  Do this for both Correct and Incorrect layer.  This could mean placing several cover ups depending how many fields there are in the slide.  That way, when the quiz is reviewed regardless of correct or incorrect entries, the check marks and any unwanted text feedback are covered. 

Let me know if this temporary work around resolves the issue.

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