Text Entry - issue with apostrophes

Nov 28, 2014


I'm currently building a Text Entry exercise where I need the students to insert answers like 'couldn't', 'mustn't', etc. However, it seems like Articulate Storyline 2 is not recognising it as a valid answer - despite submitting the right answer, it still gives me a Try Again or Incorrect feedback. However, if I change the correct answer to 'could not' and submit that same answer, it comes up with a Correct feedback. I'm thinking that perhaps there's an issue with Articulate recognising apostrophes? 

Would you be so kind as to please give me some assistance in order to fix this issue. Many thanks in advance! 

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Bj Wilson

I added a trigger to the "correct layer" that says show layer and added the conditions of when value is equal to (in my case) "shouldn't, and a second "or" condition when the value is equal to "should not". This returns the correct layer slide when either of those answers is submitted.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allison,

As Emily previously mentioned it was fixed in update 5 as documented here. I do see that it's been reported to our team for HTML5 output only though - is that where you're seeing this behavior? If you're still seeing it in the Flash output as well, do you have a sample .story file you could share with us here? 

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