Text Entry issues when logged in remotely and using IE

Hello community,

I am a new user, so apologies if this is a known/simply addressed issue! 

We have created simulations using 360 with Text Entry fields. They are working well in our LMS when published in HTML 5 and using Chrome. However we have glitching (screen flashes off and on when Enter is pressed) in IE. 

I read here that there can be issues with Text Entry fields and older versions of IE and HTLM 5 so republished as HTML 5/Flash and retested using IE - successfully. 

However, when we've tested from a remote login (via Citrix) and using IE, the issue still occurs AND on selecting the Exit Module button the LMS freezes.

I know there are many factors that could be contributing to the issue. In an attempt to expedite the problem solving process, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar - and been able to resolve successfully?

Many thanks, Tracey

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Tracey Morgan

Hi Ashley, I'll try to find out specific versions, My understanding is that the version in our office locations (where it worked successfully) is different to our branch locations (and these may vary from branch to branch) and then we have the citrix version. I suspect we may resolve the issue in one location but still have issues in others. Thanks for responding - I'll come back when I have more information.