Text Entry not resetting!

Nov 20, 2013

So I have a course with several quizzes that upon failure need to be repeated. I have set the "reset to initial state" at the story level but for some reason when my questions have a text/numeric entry in them they are maintaining the last number entered in them instead of resetting. How can I get this field to reset so it is like the first time they went through the quiz no matter how many times they repeat it. 

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Philip Johnson

Alright so I am new to all this so forgive the follow up.

I am at the story view (this is where I selected the "when revisiting" reset to initial state.

I click on the slide with the text entry

I select new trigger

How should the trigger read? I got the adjust variable part but there isn't an adjust variable to its initial state so, what do I use? 

Jimmy Pow

I've tried everything to get this to work but to no avail.

I've got text entry slides for young learners and would like them to have another go when they are incorrect. When they have to 'Try Again' the original text is still there. I'd really like them not to have to delete.

I've done everything as outlined above, yet the original text still remains. Aaaarrghhh!

In Story View, I've slide properties set to 'reset to initial state' and the slide trigger as above. I've tried and tried, and wasted hours!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jimmy,

It sounds like in Phillips set up he was using the retry button from the results slide, and then each time he went to the quiz slide, it was reloading from the beginning hence when the "when timeline starts" worked for him. What I would suggest in your scenario with a "Try again" is add an additional trigger to that slide layer that jumps to slide # X when the user clicks the continue button. That will essentially refresh the slide as if it were a revisit and start the timeline again, and you'll want to still use the variable reset above.  Have many attempts will you allow the students? If you're using something with less than unlimited, you'll also want to set up a variable to track the number of attempts so that they're not in an infinite loop until they get it correct. You can use a number variable, that is adjusted based on visiting the Try again layer, so to keep tracking the variable, you'll want to keep the slide properties set to "Resume saved state"

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