Text entry not showing in IE

Dec 18, 2019

Hi all, 

I wondered if anyone had come across this problem or had a suggestion for a fix. I have a course that users type their name in (simple text entry) for it to appear on the next slide which users can print off a certificate with their name. This works great in Chrome and Edge but in IE the name on the certificate slide is blank! Tried publishing and still have the same issue all good apart from when viewed in IE. 

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, not that this will help, but I have a similar course and just checked it in SCORMCloud to make sure it works on IE as well, my client had tested, but I double-checked.  

A slide comes up where there are two text entries, name and id, they hit Start and those values are stored in SL variables.  Later when I print their certificate, those are populated into the certificate, along with some other items.

Just tested from SL360 SCORM package in IE and worked fine.  Just wanted to let you know.  In case you need a different print option, let me know and I can create a smaller file with what I have which could be an option.

Jeff Forrer

Sorry for the delay, I used some Java to do the window print, however the variables are just shown on the certificate slide using the % signs, not sure if you are aware that when you put variables within the % signs that they evaluate them at run time.  You may know that and that may not be what you are asking?

For example, a text variable created in SL called "firstName", if you put %firstName% on your slide, when you run it, the value of firstName at that time will show up on screen.

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