Text Entry previous value displayed when slide revisited

Dec 26, 2014


I implemented a text entry which triggers a motion path depending on the type of data entered. However, when i revisit the slide the previous data entered is still in the text entry box. I have attempted to add trigger to the text entry box, to clear the variable value assigned the text entry when the timeline start but this didn't work. I have attached the storyline document below. The issue is on page 1.3 relative. 

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Brandon Lancaster

Hello, All!

I am experiencing the same problem as Nasieba. The Text Entry field never clears out, even when the slide it is on is set to "Reset to Initial State" upon revisiting. I go to the next slide, and then come back, but the Text Entry field still contains the same user-entered value. Does anyone know of a way to clear it out?

Alison  L.

Okay, maybe a Storyline update has since/now addressed this, but I mean, wouldn't this issue also be fixed by (as of now / Update 7)...

...going into the SLIDE LAYER(s) Properties (lil gear in the Slide Layer) and set the "Revisiting" at the bottom of the window to "Reset to initial state" ? 

'Slide Properties window'/>

Thus saving the extra step(s) of adding that Trigger?





Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alison, 

Thanks for reaching out here, and this behavior has not changed as it's still referring to a variable and acting as a placeholder.  The variables are global in nature and will not reset unless you do that by trigger. Setting a slide to reset doesn't automatically reset global variables. So Wendy's suggestion to reset via a trigger is how we would recommend continuing. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alison,

For other elements that you may want to replay when accessing the slide layer or not appear. For example, if there is an objects whose timeline is only for 5 of the 10 second timeline, if you were to use the "resume saved state" and the object had already left the timeline and the user is navigating back to it at the end of the timeline the object would no longer be visible. Versus, reset to initial state returning the slide to the beginning and showing that object again for 5 seconds. That's perhaps an overly simplistic example - but hopefully it helps clarify it a bit. 

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