Text Entry previous value displayed when slide revisited

Jan 03, 2015


I implemented a text entry which triggers a motion path depending on the type of data entered. However, when i revisit the slide the previous data entered is still in the text entry box. I have attempted to add trigger to the text entry box, to clear the variable value assigned the text entry when the timeline start but this didn't work. I have attached the storyline document below. The issue is on page 1.3 relative.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Nasieba, you need to add two slide triggers to slide 1.3 - one to reset the relative variable to blank when the timeline starts and another to set the submitRelative variable to blank when the timeline starts. I added them to your project and it now works but the upload is taking too long so I have not attached the file.  Instead, here is a screen cap.

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