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Mar 22, 2013

I have to use free form text entry slide, i have  create five interactivity slide and i want to type more than line line of text in text entry box . now i type one line and press enter button the new line can't be worked the the control will be move to  next slide. i want type three or more line in text entry box  but it's not working  what is the solution

Thanks for your guidelines

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Dennis Hall

Hi Prakash:

Not sure why you are not able to press enter to put a new line of text so I have attached a stroy file for you to try.

Maybe you have left the text entry box in its default configuration.

To check,, do the following:

1. Right-click the text box border

2. Select Format shape from the menu

3. Select the Text Box tab

4. Click the Do not autofit radio button

5. Click the Close button

In this file, I can enter multiple lines of text and view the results on the next slide.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Meryem M

Prakash ravi said:

Hi mr  Dennis thanks  for your replay . i have to  set the property for format shape but its not working

i have to upload my file please review this and tell what is my mistake

Hello Prakash,

Thanks for uploading your file.  It looks like you are trying to use a graded quiz to gather survey answers.  I don't understand why the user is not able to use "Enter" to begin a new paragraph, perhaps because the graded text entry assumes a short answer.

I inserted a new slide in your file.  I clicked Insert/Quizzing/Survey/Essay.  The Survey/Essay format does not submit the text box when the user presses Enter. The user can enter multiple paragraphs in the text box.

The new slide is in the attached story file.  Does this help?

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