Text entry reference shows empty if too much text (for user notes)

Feb 04, 2013

I'm trying to create a course with various activites throughout which involve the user entering free text in response to questions.  I need to gather all the responses together so that they can view and print them (i.e. a bit like a workbook, so they can refer back to their notes if they come back to the course).  We have done this previously using a word doc attachment but I would ideally like to keep the user within Storyline, rather than them having to have two windows open or a hard copy.

Methods tried so far:

1. Using survey questions and results slide - works fine until I publish and print results once then close and return to quiz.  When I go to print them again (e.g. after a user has completed more of the activities) I get a blank results screen.

2.Using text entry variables and references to these on several slides at the end.  This works in terms of returning to the course and being able to view the answers already submitted but the problem I have is that if a user enters a lot of text the text entry reference returns blank. 

I've tried both formating the text box to 'do not auto fit' and 'shrink to fit on overflow' but this returns results so small that they are unreadable.  I thought there might be a way of inserting a scrolling panel to display the text entry refrence but I can't seem to find a way to make that work.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can achieve this?   Thanks!

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Ty Ehrnschwender

I too am having a similar issue with using text variables. It would seem that if the user is listing out items (using hard returns between each one) the variable does not retain the content they are entering into the text field.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

(not having a character cap is concerning as well)

Katie Bright

I submitted this question as a support call and had a helpful response which said the following:

'It is indeed possible to put your reference in a scrolling panel to allow more room if a user types in a lot of text. 


What's key is to extend the height of the textbox reference so that it can accommodate more text.  You can do this by pressing the Enter key after the reference text in the textbox.'

I hope that helps with what you're trying to achieve.

I've attached an example zip file with two slides with text entry on them and then a summary note pad page which uses references to call back the text which was entered. 

The note pad page is set up so that there is a text box with the reference to each text entry variable but it also has a scrolling panel for each entry too.  This means that if the user entered a lot of text in the original text entry box the whole of the text is included in the notepad and the scroll bar can be used to scroll through each answer on the notepad to view all of the text if necessary.

Inserting the scrolling panel can be a little bit difficult.  You need to be able to view the scroll bar on the slide to know that it has inserted correctly.  The method I used for this is:

1. Insert Text Box

2. Insert Reference in the text box (e.g. reference 'Activity 1')

3. Hit Return many times until the text box size is quite large

4. Insert Scrolling Panel

5. Make sure the Scrolling Panel is placed so that is is sligthly above and to the left of the text box and the bottom edge is inside the bottom edge of the Text Box.

6. Select the Text Box and drag it until the top edge, left and right edges are inside the scrolling panel. 

You'll know when it is in the right position because the grey scroll bar will appear on the right of the scroll panel.

Grzegorz Nowak

Notexactly it works properly.

I wants to create a field for notes available from eachslide or for each slide add a field for notes - so that the user can take notes while on any slide, but I have two problems:


Changingthe behavior of the field (Dataentry >Text Entry) - How do I change so that when you click on the field the cursor set at the end of the existing text?

The usertyped a note on the first slide (type Data entry >Text Entry) beingonanother slide back to the field notes and wants to add further honor (add further text), but clicking the field notes selects all the text. Now enterthetext erases selection - often usersdo notpay attention and deleting text.
How do Ichange so that when you click on the field the cursor set at the end of the existing text

2.Described earlier problem with the references and the size of the font.


Introductionto field (type Data entry >Text Entry) a larger number of lines of text causesthe text in the field of reference becomes not readable. Example : introducing8 lines of text to this type of field I have a problem with the text displayed inthe text field where I used references (font is reduced and becomes unreadable).

Hasanyone already solved this problem?

Leonie Lawson

Having read through the forums, I can't seem to find a solution to my problem, which I think is related to the above. I am using Storyline 360 and have an issue where I would like data entered from a text entry box on one slide to appear in a text box within a scroll bar area on the next slide. I have used references to do this. 

The reference seems to work if the text box on slide 2 is smaller (not activating the need for the scroll bar), however if I expand the text box on slide 2 to accommodate more data (and activate the scroll bar) the data doesn't appear to pull through, or is unreadable. 

I read on another post, that this might be something to do with the font, so I have updated all text entry fields and text boxes to use Arial. 

Hopefully someone can shed some light on where I am going wrong? 


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Leonie. Thanks for sharing your file!

I adjusted your "medical notes" text box to make it bigger than the scrolling panel by keeping the variable reference and adding some additional text.  I was having issues getting that text box into the "medical notes" scrolling panel, so I deleted that original panel and inserted a new one.

When I previewed and tested the output in Articulate Review, I entered some text into the first slide.  Then I observed both my entered text and the additional text were accessible in the scrolling panel:

Can you test out my example here?  Can you send me a screenshot of what you see when you test your own file?  Thanks!

Edit: I'm attaching your modified file, as well!

Leonie Lawson

Hi Crystal, 

Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

I can see what you have done, but seem to be having the same issue with the 'nursing notes' side. I replaced the scrolling panel on this side again to try to replicate what you did, but the text still appears very small when bought through from the first slide. I have also found that if I use 'enter' to expand the text box, the data doesn't show at all. 

I have found a bit of a work around where I can use another text entry box on the second slide and use a trigger to set this to show the typed value from the previous slide, but this isn't ideal and it would be great if I could get this working with text boxes. 

I'm not sure why this is happening as I've used a similar layout before for another project and it worked no problem. Could it be something to do with this version of 360?

Many thanks


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leonie,

It could be the version you're using. You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline". The latest version of Storyline 360 is Update 3.14.15225.0. 

That shouldn't impact how you're seeing Crystal's version in Review though - what browser are you viewing it in? Could you share some specific steps to replicate what you're seeing? You can take a Peek of the problem and "Share" link here in your reply! 

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