Text entry reference stopped working

Dec 22, 2017

Hello -- I've been having issues with Storyline 2, and finally figured out that some of the issues have to do with HTML5. Since my client does not need this to be mobile-friendly, I published the file without checking HTML5 and many of the issues have resolved themselves (yay!)

However, now all of the instances where my character has a callout/bubble that references the learner's name/variable (at the beginning of the program, the learner enters his/her first name using a text entry variable), the area is blank. This has been working fine for the last 3 months, and all of a sudden it does not -- it works when previewed, but is blank when published (please see the attached screenshots).

I have deleted and re-inserted the variable references, and it still does not work.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

are you testing this in the intended environment e.g. webserver or LMS. If you are testing locally and sounds like you are trying to test the flash (html) output then local browser security settings may cause some issues.

I would recommend publishing and testing. If you need a webserver you can use Articulate tempshare and if you need an LMS you can use Scormcloud.

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