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Nov 12, 2014


I have a project where the user can fill in free text answers along the way in Text Entry boxes (for example Text Entry 1 on page 1 of the course). I also have a separate page the user can reach as a lightbox throughout the course where all the answers are gathered and can be adjusted back and forth, that is a page with Text Entry boxes with the same variable names as the ones in the project (here Text Entry 1 on lightbox page). This works fine, exept for one thing: When a text boxed is filled with text to the degree that a scroll bar appears (for example on page 1), that scroll doesn't show in the corresponding text field (here on the lightbox page). The (beginning of the) text appears in it as it should, but no scroll bar is visible until I click in the text and make an adjustment (for example add a letter). What can I do to make the scroll bar visible from start in the filled in corresponding text field, making it clear to the user that there is more text in it than they can see?

Greatful for any help!


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Anna Jönsson

Do you mean that when you don't get the same result as I do? If you fill one of the text fields in the story file with enough text to get a scroll bar (and then click somewhere on the page background to get the page to ... reload or something, which makes the same text appear in the other text field), does a scroll bar appear on the second text field also when the text is shown there?

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