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Mar 15, 2017

I know about freeform text entry questions. The problem is, I need a “try again” layer, but I do not want a “correct” layer to appear if the answer is correct.

Here is what I need to happen:
1. User enters text and presses “Enter”
2. If users entered text is not equal to “hello,” show the layer “try again”
3. If user’s entered text is equal to “hello” jump to next slide

Additionally, if the user clicks anywhere besides the text field layer “try again” should appear.

correct answer: hello

My attempt isn’t working.
Any ideas how to solve this puzzle or a way to make this happen?

attachment is SL360 so I threw in a screenshot as well.


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Walt Hamilton

3. On Correct layer, put a trigger "Jump to next slide when timeline starts. The jump will occur before the layer is rendered.

To make Try again appear when the text entry box is empty, you may need to create your own Try Again layer, because (at least in SL2), clicking submit without answering brings up a "You must answer" layer.

In fact, you may want to create the whole process as a custom slide with your own submit button and layers.

I'm answering here because I want to learn the answer to the enter key, because unless it is special to SL360, I don't know of a way to get a text entry box to act on the enter key.

Timothy Coyle

Thanks Walt, great minds think alike. I had tried the idea for a correct layer redirect but it caused a noticeable time gap between slide jumps that I'd prefer not to be there. I'm hoping there is a more direct solution.

Anybody else can help Walt Hamilton and myself to figure out  way to make a text entry box to act on the enter key? It would really be cool if there were a way.

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