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I want to create a slide that has 9 input areas ie the steps of a process.  Learners will need to add the correct stage of a process (single word) in sequence that needs to be evaluated as correct or incorrect.  There can only be one right answer per stage of the process and once the word has been entered the field will not be editable and a correct or incorrect is shown next to the input field.  It wouldn't matter if the correct showed immediately after input or once all 9 fields had been completed.

Any ideas of where to start with this will be very welcome.

Thanks - David

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Mike Taylor

Hi David and welcome to the community. Do you need to track this and record whether they got this correct or is it just a knowledge check activity? One thought is that you could put each input on its own layer and evaluate your learners responses so that you display the input for the next step on another layer only after they get the first one correct. 

I've attached one simple example of how that could work. 

David Gibson

Mike this is looking great.  What I'd want to happen is to mark right or wrong for each response and move on.  This will be a pre-test prior to the learning piece ie showing the learner their current knowledge so if it's wrong there should be no second chance at this stage.

As we know there are 9 steps, do you know if it's possible to show the 9 entry boxes at all times and maybe just evaluate after all 9 have been completed ie just one 'check answers' button?  Maybe the conditions for this are too complex?

I hope this makes sense and thank you for your help so far.  Very much appreciated.