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I am making a course and have been set a strange requirement.   I need to have user be able to search for the local store of my employer via the content.  Ideally I need to use the 'Find a Store' feature of their website however I can't iframe the website as it's not size responsive. This means the Post Code entry field is not visible when the iframe loads.

My thought was to have the user type their post code in a text entry field then press a button that loads the Find a Store page and then pulls the entered text across but have no idea if this is even possible.

PS - there are over 1000 store locations so doing this via variables isn't much of an option.

Has anyone got any better ideas or know if my thoughts are possible?






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Phil Mayor

You may be able to pass the postcode value to the form on the website using the url 

e.g. SiteURL?var1=value

You would swap SiteURL with your sites url and Var1 with the variable value for your form.

You could construct the link using javascript and a field in Storyline to capture the Postcode.

You may have a problem if your postcode has spaces but should be able to get round this.