Text Entry Triggers Not Saving Data

Mar 09, 2021

Hello, I have a slide where users input text entry and on the results layer it will tell them if they got the answers correct based on state triggers. 

When I replay the slide layer it rids the slide of the states based on the answers and just defaults to the initial state of the objects, ignoring my triggers! 

I have tried publishing this layer with both settings "When Revisiting" "Resume Initial State" AND "Saved State". Both settings had the same result.

Any advice?

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Philip Roy

It sounds like you are using the Replay function in preview to re-preview the slide? That will reset the state as it's like previewing the slide for the first time.

If you add some interaction that takes you to the start of the slide again (and not use the replay button) then the values are retained...it's just that this isn't how the Replay button works. Users don't see that replay button...just you as a developer.