Text entry trouble

Hi - I have created a slide using text entry/variables.  I've inserted several text entry boxes into the base layer for learner to input information that I then want to be revleaed in a text box in a layer on the same page. It works in as much as the tesx shows up on the layer, but the text boxes will not expand (eventhough I've formatted them to expand with text).  The end results is that the text box does not expand to reveal the text so the test is teeny tiny.  I've tried to change the font, the formatting etc, nothing seems to work.  Any suggestions?

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Phil Mayor

You need to expand the textbox before you publish, there is no way to make the textbox expand after publishing, all that will happen is the text gets smaller and smaller.  Really you need to estimate how much text a user is going to type and the increase the size of the textbox to accommodate this.