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I have build an activity using text fields and when the user types the correct answer and presses 'Enter' on the keyboard a green tick will appear next to it.

I have tested this activity in Articulate 360 and I can't get to the tick to appear on an iPad. I am guessing that this is because a iPad doesn't recognise the 'Enter' key. The activity works fine when attempting on a computer. 

Can someone please help me come up with a way to have an automatic tick appear when the correct answer is typed in the text field. 


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Megan 

I changed the order of your triggers

and the file works for me on the ipad by using the 'return' key

Here is the html5 uploaded to my webserver you can test it yourself


Wendy Farmer

In order for the answer to get 'validated' by SL, the user has to click something  so the 'control loses focus' and the answer in the text box is evaluated.

Are you using the player buttons? Can you set it up as a Fill in the Blank quiz slide where they click Submit? 

Or you could have a 'check my answer' button that they click that reveals the green tick - that could be used on desktop or ipad