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Oct 28, 2013

Does working with text in the Notes area make you bonkers?  Do you get strange line spacing, indents, and bad bullets? I put in a Feature Request to make working with text a bit easier. Maybe copying/pasting text from Word or elsewhere to Storyline could hold its formatting. In some cases, even copying from Notepad directly into Storyline still brings in invisible formatting. This is a HUGE time eater for me.

How do you work around this? Any helpful ideas? Thanks.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jill,

Yes, bonkers would be the word

I usually find C/P from Notepad does the trick. Also, there's the "Keep Text Only" option from the little drop-down on the paste button (Home Tab, clipboard group), but that doesn't have much more effect than C/P from Notepad...and you're right that sometimes SL seems to hold onto the formatting no matter what.

Glad you put in a feature request. I've done so in the past as well.

We'll see if anyone has any better ideas.

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