Text format in Notes area

Does working with text in the Notes area make you bonkers?  Do you get strange line spacing, indents, and bad bullets? I put in a Feature Request to make working with text a bit easier. Maybe copying/pasting text from Word or elsewhere to Storyline could hold its formatting. In some cases, even copying from Notepad directly into Storyline still brings in invisible formatting. This is a HUGE time eater for me.

How do you work around this? Any helpful ideas? Thanks.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jill,

Yes, bonkers would be the word

I usually find C/P from Notepad does the trick. Also, there's the "Keep Text Only" option from the little drop-down on the paste button (Home Tab, clipboard group), but that doesn't have much more effect than C/P from Notepad...and you're right that sometimes SL seems to hold onto the formatting no matter what.

Glad you put in a feature request. I've done so in the past as well.

We'll see if anyone has any better ideas.

Daniel Chodos

I agree that formatting text is very time consuming and requires many more mouse clicks than I believe is necessary.  I would get behind a feature that provides global note text formatting so that you can just format all the text from one place and then go into specific slides if you need to tweak specific text.