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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Alison,

I'm sure I've seen others comment on the number "un-alignment" in SL text boxes, but at the moment I can't find any threads on this. I don't believe there's a solution. Would you consider submitting a feature request as many of us have done?

Regarding the text wrapping on the notes tab, I've had this type of thing happen also. By any chance did you copy the content from an app like Microsoft Word where the content was formatted? In those situations, when I paste the text into the note tab I

  • Click in the Notes area to make it active
  • Click the drop-down arrow on the paste button (in the clipboard group at the top left of the ribbon) and choose paste as text only.

At that point, I can clean the text up and then use the bullets or numbers button on the text. It's not quick...still requires cleanup, but at least it works.

Please shout out with any questions. Also, if anyone DOES know how to get that alignment tightened up, please post!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Alison and Becky,

You'll see a similar thread from earlier this summer here, with a link to some additional community work arounds. As Mike mentions, it'll likely be something included in a future release, although I don't have any further information/timeline on that. Submitting it as a feature request is always a good idea! 

Brett Rockwood

As Rebecca said, please submit a feature request for more robust text handling. For me it's the number one disappointment and limitation of SL. No tabs, hyphenation, custom leading (line spacing), kerning, em or en dashes, paragraph or character styles...  I can do all sort of interesting things with triggers, variables, layers, etc., but I can't do anything about the limited text capabilities. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Alison, glad Notepad  worked for you. I was going to suggest that, but it's actually the same as pasting in as text only...for me, the latter saves a step.

Brett, right on! The more of us that make the request, the easier it will be for Articulate to understand what their end users' needs are.