Text Formatting on Slide Master Not Working

Feb 19, 2016

Hi, can someone help me out? I'm trying to format a text field on a slide master. Specifically, I'm trying to format a text box to not auto fit any text, but when text is pasted into the box on the actual slide, it's auto fitted, which makes it shrink and appear small. 

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Nick S

Hi Adam,

I'm not sure if this is what you're after but there is a way to turn off the autofit text from the Slide Master settings page.  To find this option click on the View tab and select "Slide Master":

On the left of the screen select the particular Master slide you're looking to edit.  Then in the slide view, right click on the text box you need to change:

Click into the "Text box" settings and choose "Do not autofit":

Now, close this window and close the Master view.  Try pasting in the text on your slides again and it should remain at the larger size.

Hopefully this helps!  If you're looking for a different feature let me know and I'll take another look.

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