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Ned Whiteley

Hi Erin,

If making the text box wider doesn't work and you are still concerned about the published version not looking right, one option you could use is to use a soft return after the word "vital".

To do that, place your cursor to the left of the word "that" and hit Shift + Enter. This will place "that" on the next line, irrespective of the width of your text box, and will still treat your text as a single sentence. You will probably then have to shorten your underscore line after "you", but it should solve your problem.

Erin S

Ned, I understand how to work around the glitch to bring the text to the next line; however, that causes other issues due to numerous translations and causes unnecessary line breaks. 

Of course, the glitch has resolved itself today when I opened the file to save a slide for you, Crystal. The glitch has been in the file for days and days and days.. which is why I originally posted. So naturally, after I ask the question, it works. Ugh. 🤦🏻‍♀️ On the bright side, it works! Hah 

Thanks for trying!