Text from variable shrinking inside text box.

Feb 06, 2014


I am trying to create an interaction in Storyline as follows:

  • On the first page the user is asked to reflect upon a situation and input a paragraph or so of text into a text input box, this then is held as a variable.
  • On a later slide, there is a text box inserted into a scrolling panel, which contains some text and then recalls the contents of the variable.
  • The user can then review their answer against each of ten bullet pointed suggestions which enter in turn on a user click.

This works fine until such a point that the quantity of  text entered into the variable exceeds the size of the text box on the second page. Rather than scrolling, the text size is reduced until a point is reached where it is so small that cannot be read.

I have tried changing the autofit options within the textbox settings but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Patrick V 

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Alex O'Byrne

Hi Patrick, attached modified file, not sure which of the following steps did it tried breaking it down but seemed like they all needed to be done. In the text options "align text" -  "more options" select do not autofit and wrap text in shape then make sure the text box is bigger than the scrolling box.

Seemed to work on the attached for me!

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