Text in a Scrolling Panel not displaying in HTML5 output

Jan 07, 2013

Hello everyone!

I have an issue that I'm hoping someone here has an insight on how to fix. I've added a large textbox to a scrolling panel and after publishing the course, the scrolling panel just shows an empty area.

This doesn't happen if I put an image in the scroll panel, and it does not happen in the flash output.

I've checked the HTML5 output on my test ipads (IOS 5.1.1 & IOS 6.0.1) and on google chrome (latest version 23.0.1271.97) and the problem remains the same. I tried creating a new textbox, new slide, new scrolling panel and various combinations but still no luck, the scroll panel always appears empty with no text.

 HTML5 output:

flash output:

Has anyone experienced this issue and have any suggestions about what I could do to fix it?

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Chiara Vialmin

Hi all, 

On my course I added scrolling images on base layer, but I've noticed that on HTML5 output (open with Chrome) they aren't visible! It's visible the scroll bar, but not the content inside....

Instead some text inserted on a scrolling panel on a layer is visible...

Scrolling images are a must for my learning project, because above them I created a lot of layers that explain their content.  I hope some of you can give me good news!



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chiara,

Are you viewing the HTML5 content in Chrome on your desktop or on a mobile device? If on an iPad you'll want to test within mobile safari. Also - what update/version of Storyline are you using to create your course? Are you able to share a copy of the course, even just a few slides that are problematic so that we can take a look at it? 

Chiara Vialmin

Hi Ashley, I've tested on Chrome by desktop. My storyline version is the last (update 8). 

Here is a slide: the scrolling image cover all the slide and on it i've inserted a yellow rectangle that give evidence to section I want to explain: click on it to see the comments.

Thank you very much!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chiara,

I just published for web and linked directly to the HTML5 output as I wasn't sure which publish method you were using. Are you seeing this odd behavior when publishing for LMS? Have you looked at testing within SCORM Cloud as it's an industry standard for testing SCORM content and will help determine if it's an issue with the LMS display. 

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