Text in multiple choice questions creep when published

I have simple multiple choice questions, and in preview in SL, everything sits still but when published a few answers (not all) creep a bit on screen. And sometimes, if the answer wraps to a second line, just the portion on the second line creeps. I want everything to stay in place on the screen. Ideas on what I may be doing wrong please?

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Carrie Eaton

I'm not using the shuffle option, Ren. I'll share just a portion of the file because it's very large. There are two questions, and in both cases the middle answer creeps when it's chosen.

I'm looking at it in Review 360. When I view it on my computer, it creeps, BUT when I view it on an iPad, it doesn't???


Carrie Eaton

I can't see it in the client's LMS...and actually it hasn't been loaded there yet as we're still testing. Also in several cases, the answer wraps and just the second line creeps. And which text creeps can change with each new published version on Review 360. I've got a feeling it's a SL>HTML5 issue which can't really be controlled.