Text in Ordered Lists doesn't align nicely

Jul 05, 2013


I don't know if this is a bug, or if there is a way to modify the formatting of lists, but I have several ordered lists, and I don't like the way the text is aligning within them.

In the screenshot, you can see on the left an unordered list, and the first character of each line stacks nicely.  On the right is an ordered list, and you can see that the second and subsequent lines of each bulleted item are indented at a different measure than the first line, giving it a slight, but irritating, zig-zag effect.

Has anyone run into this, and come up with a simple solution?


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Terry Bell

Thanks Mike, I did read that posting - but it seemed to be about colour formatting and multi-level lists.  Nobody addressed the fact that multiline ordered lists do not align correctly.  I did use a similar workaround to what they did - just indent the text and manually add a graphic instead of the default numbering.  It is much more work than just using the built in formatting.  (and now I have to go through the whole lesson and change every other list for consistency.

I will report this as a bug and hope for a fix in future releases.


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