Text in quizzes jumping

Apr 13, 2015


I am working in SL2 and i have the text of the answers of some quizzes jumping when mouse over. I noticed that when the answer is just 1 line of text it doesn't jump and when the answer is longer (2 lines of text) it jump, not in all cases but most of them.

I am attaching a file with the problem...

Thanks for any help,

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Antonio A

Hi everyone,

I was able to fix the problem doing the next:

Click to selec the texbox of the answer that was jumping when published and CONTROL+X  and just after that CONTRL+Z (It´s like i am going to cut the answer but I regret and go back with control+z) the question get replaced below the others by itself (do not know why)

I do not know the reason but it worked for me. I think if you do CONTROL+X and after that CONTRL+V it work the same.

I am attaching an screenshot in how i selected the textbox of the answer to fix.

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