Text Input Glitch?

Jan 02, 2018


I've recently been using many text input boxes for my project and realised the input boxes didn't work quite right after I increased their dimensions and font size.


Even though the 2 text input boxes above have the same exact formatting, the smaller input box (42px with font size 23) does not spill texts out; while the larger input box (167px with font size 96) spills out text when theres too many characters and causes the screen to jump when the text exceeds the screen dimensions. This happens both on my Windows and Mac.


The ideal for my project would be the interaction the smaller input box is giving, but with font size 96. 

Im not sure what is causing the spilling of text but I'm pretty sure its not suppose to work this way. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Ive attached the storyline file below incase anyone wants to take a look.

Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jia Lin,

Thanks for sharing the file here with us - it was really easy to see and replicate the behavior that way. 

It seems that any text entry larger than a 60 px height isn't wrapping correctly inside the text entry box or creating the scroll bar. I tested it with a few different font sizes and text box sizes and saw the same thing. 

I'll share this with my team as a possible software bug, and I'll keep you posted here with any more info! I'm sorry it's causing you some headaches and slowing you down. 

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