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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Anna,

Thanks for sharing your file. What kind of system are you recording? Is it a web-based tool, or installed on your computer?

If Storyline doesn't pick up the text entry, you can create one yourself by clicking Insert >> Convert To Freeform >> Text Entry.

I made that change in your file, and you can certainly import the text entry slide into your original file, if you'd like!

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, I see! What browser are you using to access the tool?

Browsers like Chrome communicate very little information to the Windows Accessibility API, which is how Articulate Storyline collects information for screen recordings. In addition to missing caption details, Google Chrome may even omit some steps from your screen recordings.

Here are two ways to avoid this behavior:

  • For the best results, use Internet Explorer to record your screencast. It provides the richest data set. (Firefox also works well.)
  • Edit the interactions in Storyline after you've recorded the screencast to include the text entry slides that were missed.