Text is unsharp, if it is not full screen


I import a PPT to Storyline. After doing so and publish the course I have an unsharp text display, if I check the course  in not-fullscreen-view (see attachment "unsharp".png). If I do fullscreen, the same textbox is sharp (see attachment "sharp").

What do I have to adjust to get a sharp text in the box every time?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin, 

Are you only seeing this with text originally created in powerpoint? Have you reviewed the information here on how Powerpoint and Storyline may not be a one to one conversion? 

Also, when you say full screen - are you referring to the view in the application itself or when viewing the published output in the intended environment? If you're viewing the latter you may want to look at how the overall story size and player/browser settings you've included are impacting that.