Text Labels changed between v4 and v5 ! What if people are using different versions?

Just noticed some new text labels were added with the recent update (v5). However, they weren't added at the end of the list, which means some standard text labels have different ID numbers in v5 than in v4.  For example, in the earlier version, the Submit Button was #95. Now it's #98.

While it's true that everyone with v4 can update to v5 for free, it's also true that not everyone updates right away. So what would happen if a given file is transferred back and forth between developers with different versions? Did anyone at Articulate test this?

For example, I sent a v4 course off for translations before v5 was available, and I had changed SUBMIT to DONE. What's going to happen if they return a v4 course, but I've already upgraded to v5?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Judy - that is a very good question, and to the best of my knowledge, the text labels that were removed weren't being used, so it should not pose a problem. If you are sharing players between developers, you may some differences, but likely not, as they are all probably tied to an 'id' on the back end of Storyline. Please feel free to update if you see any issues! 

Judy Nollet

Christie:  Text labels were NOT removed (though there are certainly some that probably could be).  Text Labels were ADDED -- specifically the SkipNavigationAccessibilityText (#90), SliderRangeDescription (#92), and SliderRangeSeparator (#93).  And, as stated above, because these items were inserted within the existing list, other items now have different ID#s. 

I'm not sure how an SL file might look/change when passed between developers with v4 and v5.  However, changing the order & number of text labels would mess up any saved .xml files containing customized text (e.g,, files created for languages not included with SL).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Judy,

Thanks for reaching out here and sorry for any confusion. I talked with a few  other members of our team about this as I wanted to confirm some further thoughts. 

Since Update 5 did include a number of bug fixes and new features, we'd recommend ensuring all users who need to share files are on the same update. Going back and forth between the two different updates could cause issues based on the inclusion of the new features (such as added text labels, and there were actually a few removed that were not actually used in Storyline) or the bug issues fixed. You can see the list of all fixes and features here. 

Judy Nollet

Hi, Ashley,

Yes, I agree that updating is the best solution! I've already contacted my client's translation team to ensure they get v5.

Articulate should think about this sort of issue when planning future updates. If some users have gone to the trouble of creating custom .xml files (e.g., for unsupported languages), things could get really confusing if items are rearranged. Just something to think about.