Text labels for Arabic does not update correctly

I am publishing an eLearning in Arabic, and the customer has asked for a different translation of the PREVIOUS, NEXT, and MENU buttons.

I have made the text change in the Player Text Labels, but when I click Update and when I publish the eLearning, the labels always revert back to the original translation. My new translated lables remains in the Player Text Labels.

I have attached a video clip documenting the issue.

Thank you!


P.S. I can see that there is a suggested solution to switch the text direction to "right-to-left". This might solve it, but I still believe there is a bug in the system.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jesper,

Thanks for letting me know. I've rewatched the video a few times, and I'm having trouble seeing the difference in the player buttons at each step. Here's what I'm seeing:

Start of video (Language: Arabic New):

Switch language to Arabic:

Switch language back to Arabic New:

Would you mind helping me see the area where the bug is happening? 

Jesper Engel Christensen

Dear Alyssa,

If you watch the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons in the preview you will notice that when I change the language to ArabicNew or back to the default Arabic, the text of the buttons change (to my preferred text), but when the PREVIEW reloads the text in the buttons changes back to the default text.

Therefore I cannot change the text of the buttons.

I hope this helps explain the bug.

Kind regards


Mark Klosowski

Hello Jesper,

In player properties there is a text direction setting (Custom: Other) that allows an author to change text to a right-to-left order. Languages like Arabic and Hebrew use right-to-left letter order.

This setting also moves some of the controls, like the positions of the Next and Prev buttons.

Please give this a try and let us know if it solves the issue you've been seeing.