Text Labels on resuming

Hi all

I have a question about this:


I see that I can change the following in Player / Text Labels ...

  • Resume - line 83
  • Would you like to resume where you left off? - line 84
  • Yes - line 133
  • No - line 49


... however can anyone help me with the following?

  1. Where else are these four items used? e.g. if I change line 83 to different text, can I find out where else in the course that text will show?
  2. How can I centralise the Resume heading?
  3. How can I change the size of the Yes and No buttons to allow for more text?
  4. How can I remove the grey background box and replace with something else of a different size?

Thanks in advance, hopefully we can figure some of these out!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael!

This is a part of your player, so you can customize the color and font as explained in this documentation (including a helpful job aid). 

We do not have any documentation to equate your player text fields to your course.

I look forward to hearing from others in the community on how they've worked with a similar request/need as well.