Text not appearing in design language when previewing

I have an issue with text appearing incorrectly in the player preview.  It almost looks like it might be translated into a Scandinavian language, but it's more likely to just be messed up as it's not a language I recognise.  The strange thing is, that it appears as I made it in English in the design screens. (I attach screenshots of each).  

It is happening on all my slides. I have just downloaded the latest update to Storyline 360 - the problem started occurring after that. 

Has anyone come across this or know how to fix it? 



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Duncan MacIver

I found a bit of a manual solution. It only seemed to be affecting the Source Sans Pro font. When I changed the font to Open Sans or Myriad Pro (for example) it seemed to work fine. It was only a small project, so didn't take me long to sort it out, but wouldn't want to have to do that for a bigger project!