Text reducing on overflow.

Is there a way to prevent the text in a text box from reducing when the text exceeds the size of the box? I have Do not Autofit turned on for the text box.

I have created a number of variables that contain a lot of text. At the end of the presentation it generates a report based on the user's previous responses. However, the text is reduced so small that you can hardly read it. This only happens when there is a lot text added.

This seems like a bug in Storyline.

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Quinn Flanagan

Hi all, 

I am having a similar issue.  When I chose Format Shape > text box, I have selected "Resize Shape to fit Text" however my referenc e(%text%) is resizing as opposed to the shape resizing and the font size staying the same.  Is there a way to have the shape resize to accommodate the text?



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Quinn,

How is the text resizing? Is it just appearing smaller within the shape, or does it look like it's overflowing or showing up outside of the shape?

If the text is getting smaller, that's actually the functionality of the feature. The variable will not force a resize of the object where you have the variable text entered. You'll want to size the shape that will hold the variable reference big enough, to make sure it fits. I agree that it's a little confusing, but this is the response I've seen (or roughly there) from our development team. It might be a good idea if we changed a little bit of the working, to clear up the confusion for that option. 

Now, if you're seeing overflow instead, please let me know as this is an issue I recently reported for testing.