Text rendering in Arabic

Hello everyone, 
I’ve been trying to solve this problem for long time, I have read most of the related subjects.

The problem: 

When using Storyline 360, there is no problems but after rendering the project the texts become scrambled together see the picture attached (1= how it turned out, 2=how it supposed to be). 

What we know about this issue: 
1- It is not caused by the Modern text and classic text features. I have tried both and they have issues. 
For Modern (the issue appears when using numbers and text)
For classic (the issue appears with texts)
2- The issues are not consistent (sometimes occur)

3- I noticed that storyline 360 encrypts the fonts in CSS file as based 64.

4- Unicode fonts (such as Arial Unicode MS) have issues as well.

Solutions I tried:

Tried to replace the fonts in the Html 5 files (didn't work).

Tried to attach the fonts as woff files then link it in CSS files (did not work).

The 2 methods I used did not work because the player was not able to use the fonts, I provided in the Html 5.  The problem might be solved if the fonts are linked and attached with rendered files and folders instead of using Base64 string.  

If you have any suggestions or a solution, please share with us.


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Katie Riggio

Hi, Ibrahim. Thanks for sharing what you're seeing, and for sending your file in for review!

I see that my teammate, Christopher, is on the case to help isolate the cause of this rendering issue. He'll run some tests, and delete the file after careful analysis.

You're in skilled hands, and I'll follow the conversation as it progresses!