Text shadow color - can it be changed?

Sep 19, 2013

Is it possible to change the text shadow color (or other attributes) in Storyline?  It looks like the text shadow attribute just adds a dark gray shadow, but I'd like to customize this for a more subtle look.

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Lynsie Kruse

Hi Laurence, 

I agree. It was a nice dark grey that actually looked like a shadow in SL1. I used it everywhere. Now it's a light grey that would only work if the text was on a white background (and even then, doesn't really accentuate the text). Unfortunately, I never really see feature requests come to a solution, unless you mean SL2... It's frustrating that we'll have to wait for SL3 and a $600+ to see issues like this resolved.

Sonya DeBurr

I recently changed jobs and with that came a shift from Articulate Presenter to Storyline 2.  I WAS really excited about SL2, however, I can list 5 things in 2 days that I've tried to do which I was able to do in Presenter and/or Captivate, but cannot in SL2. 

To add to my frustration, everything I've looked up seems to have the same answer.  I'm looking at posts that are as old as 2 years and the REPEATED replies from staff are either: No, but it would be a great feature request OR No, we can't share details about new feature release dates.  Users are evidently putting in the request but appear to be ignored.

Unfortunately, paying $1400 then having to wait TWO YEARS for simple features that we had a right to expect in the new version (since it was in the old or sister version) is not the sign of a company listening to it's customers... disappointing and getting a touch of buyer's remorse.  I sold these folks on things that I now have to figure out a workaround on.  Not cool AT ALL.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sonya,

Thanks for reaching out here and are there specific things that you're looking for that we could assist you in identifying if a) the feature exist or b) ways in which you could accomplish it using the built in tools. 

Please also feel free to reach out to our Success team here to discuss specific ideas or things you'd like to accomplish and they'll be able to help. 

Dale Stiles

Must assume as the original post on this was over 3 years ago that it is not deemed important enough for a feature or fix.  Work around for this goes WAY back = duplicate your text/text box with all black or darker gray text, then position as a layer behind your top layer color text to present "as" a text shadow.  This can take some trial and error, especially with the challenges of precision positioning in SL2, however it is at least an optional work around as needed.

Hope this helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Dale for sharing that idea. It's currently deemed a feature request and those do go to our product development team to review and prioritize, but as you can imagine there are likely an endless supply of those - so not all of them make it. Doesn't mean it won't ever happen - so that's why we encourage folks to keep those feature requests coming! The more the...well not merrier, but the more we know what you need and want! In case you need the link again, you can submit those here.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ruchika, 

This discussion is quite a bit older, and this feature hasn't bubbled up to the top of our roadmap, but we're still listening to the feedback!  Here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests.

We would love to hear more about what you would like to see regarding this ability if you're up for logging a feature request.

Bill McKee


Am I correct in my understanding that the only way to view any text attributes, such as shadow, glow and reflection is to Preview the page? That is there is no "real time" preview as you are applying the attributes? This costs time in production going back and forth. Plus I didn't even think I could do it until I figure it out from this post. Glad I did! :-)

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