Text showing BOLD in Preview mode in Storyline 360

Hi everyone

I have been playing around with Storyline 360 and when I use the local in-house font it always shows as Bold in the preview, whether they are Bold or not. Standard fonts (e.g. Arial) only show Bold if selected.

On the left is what I see when building the course, on the right is what I see when in Preview mode (same for computer, iPad and mobile):

Bold text

The published output is correct, it is just the preview that does this and you get the effect that the text is overpowering everything else on the screen. This didn't happen in Storyline 1 or 2, just wondering if there any settings that need to be altered? I couldn't find anything. Perhaps it is just a bug?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michael, 

Thanks for reaching out--I definitely wouldn't expect that to happen. It's strange that it only appears bold in Preview mode and not after publishing. 

Would you be willing to share your project file and the font installer with our Support Engineers? We'll have a closer look and let you know what we find!