Text Size changes in imported Storyline slides

I am working on a project in which I have a fairly complex interaction in one Storyline 360 Project that I would like to import as a scene into a different project. Both projects were built on the same computer in the same instance of Storyline 360. 

When I bring the interaction in through the Slides>Import>Import Storyline function, everything seems to go well, but on some of the slides I have text that appears during the interaction. The content of the text is held in variables (so that I can reuse the programming of the interaction simply by changing the variable value text). 

My problem is that in the imported scene, the text, in some instances changes font size and becomes too small to read. In other cases, the text looks just as it does in the standalone file (i.e., the one that was imported as a new scene). 

There were no variables being used in the file into which I imported the new scene, and the new scene brought all of its variables over with it. 


I can, of course, publish the two files as separate SCORM files, but I would like to have the user move more seamlessly through the process. 


Any suggestions or thoughts on this would be appreciated. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Welcome to the community, ReNae!

Without seeing your file, my first thought is that the text box formatting may have switched to "shrink text on overflow" during the import process. That shouldn't happen since the imported slide should match the original slide exactly!

Would you mind sharing one of those troublesome slides with me? I'd like to import it into Storyline 360 on my side to see if I run into the same behavior. 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for the file, ReNae!

I imported slide 1.2 into a brand new Storyline 360 file with a slide size of 1280x800, and all of the text appears correctly. 

Take a Peek at my testing here, then check out the file I attached. Does the hover text work correctly for you in that file?