Text spilling out of speech blurbs

Jun 11, 2013

Our multimedia team worked on the graphics of a training course and had me review them today. Everything was perfect when they worked and viewed on it on their computers. However, when I opened the course, all the text boxes were spilling out of the blurbs - this happend in edit mode, preview mode, and published version.

(See attached image)

What could be causing this problem? I am a bit alarmed since this training is for global release and I don't want to have to worry about user settings in order for the course to display correctly.

Your support has always been quick and helpful - so I'm hoping you have an easy answer and solution for this one.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shanti!

The behavior you are experiencing could be a result of your computer settings.  Articulate Storyline currently does not support 120 DPI.

There is an article here with more information as well as how to change your settings.

I hope this helps!

There's other troubleshooting if this doesn't alleviate your issue, so just let me know.




Thanks Leslie.

Here's what is puzzling. When I first created the storyline project, I did it on my computer at 120 dpi. No one had issues viewing the project  - my team members, and multiple SMEs.

When the graphics team went to work on it, they created a copy of my project, and worked on that. But their computers were at 96 dpi.

When I reviewed their copied and edited version, I had the problems as described in my post.

Does this mean that if the project is developed in 120 dpi, viewers on any dpi will see it correctly?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shanti, thanks for the response.

As I mentioned earlier, there is more troubleshooting that we can look at.

I'm not sure how everyone is accessing the project, and that could be the culprit.

Have you checked out the article on publishing and sharing storyline content?

If they are viewing it from a network location, that could be the issue.

Just let me know!



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