Text state not changing / delete master slides

Two issues I need help with:

Can anyone work out why my text state is not changing on click? I've even added a button before to test it but it won't change state to normal on click.

And I have phantom slide master layouts that I cannot delete. If anyone is able to delete them, let me know! See attached story. Many thanks.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Liliian:

For some of the slide masters that will not delete, 2 items:

1. You have the Preserve Master pin turned on for those sets. Right click the large slide for each set you want to delete and you will be able to delete the child slides. Deleting the final child slide will delete the set in each case.

2. Your slides are using one slide from each of your Master slide sets, so there are 2 sets you cannot delete because your slides use both. I'm sure this is intentional, but thought to inform you in case.

After this, you end up with about 8 sets of Master slides that are not preserved and a couple of sets can be deleted. The remaining Master slides seem to be a copy of the articulate ones and I cannot delete them. Save this as a storytemplate and import it into a new project, then you can delete all the unused sets.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall