Text styles and templates

Hi there

I have a template that includes text styles.  However, when I use the template those styles are not carried over.  They appear totally differently.  Some even change font colours and caused overlapping shapes etc. 

It took my a while to figure what was going on as I had been using the same template a number of times without issue prior to including the text files. Very frustrating. 

It seems the answer is to reformat the the styles in the file.  I will just add it to my process for using the template to start with, that is, change slide size, choose colour theme and font theme, import slides and then manually modify the text styles.  

These seems quite arduous for using a template.  Am I missing something?  Is there a better way?

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Jennifer Munro

Hi Lauren

Thanks for your example; it has given me the answer. 

I was creating a blank project and then using New Slide, My Templates and the result was that it did not maintain the styles etc.  It works if I follow your process of importing the template as the file is being created.  

Thanks again, you have just saved me a lot of time.