Text that I cannot see in the timeline.

I have a template that I got from Articulate Storyline...one of the free ones. I have created a Storyline with several slides. My problem is there's text at the top of each page that only shows when in preview model. It isn't in the Timeline. It isn't in the slide master. Can someone help me get rid of that text, please?

I have added an attachment showing the text.

Also, on a different note, does Articulate no longer provide a help desk. I have always been able to send a quick question and would get a reply, taking care of my problem, immediately. I am very sorry to see that go!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Lynda - Glad you were able to get that figured out! Thanks for popping back in with an update.

I'm not sure what you mean by Help Desk. Do you mean the ability to file a support case with our team? That feature has not gone away :) You can see those options here and of course you still have the staff/heroes/community in the forums as well.

Lynda Claspy

Yes, Ii liked the ability to file support cases. I have been looking on
your new website layout and I don’t find that information. In fact, it is
more difficult finding lots of things now. I will keep looking! I know web
pages don’t stay static…we all change things around! It reminds me of when
a retail store (grocery, etc.) moves things around! It takes twice as long
to shop!

Thank s for sending me the link for support.