Text To Speech adds Done at end of slides

Oct 31, 2019

I have noticed that some slides the text to speech with say done. How do you stop that?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Megan,

This shouldn't be possible unless the slides have been specifically set up with text-to-speech to say 'Done" when the slide is complete.

Assuming that is the case, the simple solution is to remove that piece of text-to-speech and its associated trigger from the affected slides. If it is on every slide, check that it has not been added to the Slide Master.

If you are still having problems, if you are able to post a copy of your Storyline file here, I will have a look.

keli long moldovan

Hi Megan,

Are you sure it's not saying "dot"? I've noticed that sometimes it does that when there is a (invisible to me) space between a character and a period. If I just backspace and get rid of that pesky invisible space, it stops saying "dot".  Btw, it only seems to happen to me when I've copy/pasted in some text.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Bonnie,

I previewed your Storyline file and found it very hard to detect any issues with any of the glitch slides.

The only one I wasn't sure about was slide 1.6 just before the final paragraph starts (not sure if this was where you noticed the problem). It also raised the issue that everyone appears to suffer from with text-to-speech in Storyline where I don't believe there is yet a way to insert a decent pause between sentences or paragraphs.

What I have done in the attached file is to split the two paragraphs between two separate text-to-speech items (simply copied, pasted and edited as appropriate) and put a one second gap between them in the timeline. I now don't detect any odd noise between the paragraphs and so, if this is where you have the problem on this slide, this maybe a solution. Either way, hopefully it gives you an option to give your electronic "voice-over guy" a rest between paragraphs !

Hope this helps in some way. :-)

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