Text to speech and music pause

Feb 03, 2020


I have one slide with several layers.

In the base layer I have music, and text, which I can pause. In the following layers, I have text to speech. When I want to pause the layers, only the music pauses (which is in the base layer) but not the text to speech.

Can you let me know how can I pause both, the music of the base layer and the text of the layers?

Thank you.

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, V F!

With your goal in mind, one approach can be to create certain triggers on each layer. For example, you can have any audio (music or text-to-speech) play or pause when they click the corresponding button:


I mocked up a sample with audio and text-to-speech below so that you can explore the bones. Let me know if that could work for you!

If I missed the mark, are you comfortable with sharing a sample slide with me? I'm happy to offer more tailored support!


Dear Katie,

thanks for your suggestion. Unluckily will not work as music and text to speech begins automatically.

I have attached the slide with the issue. In the base layer there is no issue with the pause. From the 2nd layer onwards I can only pause the layer text to speech, but not the music in the base layer.

Thank you for your support.

Randy Hill

V F, not quite sure what you are wanting to do here. Are you ever wanting to go back to the base layer to play the music or anything again? If not, then simply change your layer properties to pause the timeline of the baselayer. Even then, if you are wanting to go back to the base layer, you can just add a pause audio music when timeline reaches 9s. Or I would probably use a cue point instead that you can move, then have a pause text to speech as well at cue 1 then the third trigger be show layer 1 when timeline reaches cue point 1. It's all in the order of the triggers.


Hi Randy,

thank you for your feedback. Nevertheless is not working. I don´t want to go back to the base layer. I just want whenever the user wants to click pause , during the layers, I want the text-to-speech from the layer AND the music from the base layer to pause altogether.

When I do what you have suggested "to pause the timeline of the baselayer", when I arrive to the 1st layer, the music from the baselayer is paused, which is not what I want.

I´m attaching the slide with the issue.

Again, thank you for your feedback.

Phil Mayor

This is how the slides and layers work the pause only works on the active layer or base layer if seeking is enabled or the base layer if it is not.

I don't think it is a good way to build a slide, using this method the draggable seeker is going to break the slide at some point, I would keep everything on one layer much easier to work with.


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